We are rebranding!
The Dana Hodge King D.D.S. practice is now an integrative association of health providers called Complementary Dental.
We are still in the same location and have the same phone number, we just have a new name with new emails.
Please email us at our new address:

Thank you!

Dentistry for the "Whole" Family
Phone: 210 829 7826

Dana Hodge King

In order to make your visit more pleasant, you may request the following:

Music with headphones

Netflix or Playstation

Sedative drugs are available upon request.

Nitrous-oxide sedation (laughing gas) is available upon request.

Young Living

Young Living Zyto Hand scan is available at no charge for patients of record. Most Young Living Oils are available for immediate application with the resulting calming effect to the nervous system.


Alpha-stim: micro-current stimulator which is used by the medical profession for pain management, anxiety control, depression, sleep disturbances and gastric acidity through cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES).

The current is applied with ear clip electrodes. During treatment you may detect a mild tingling sensation as a result of the stimulating current flow. Most people do not even feel the alpha-stim current.
Please ask to review a journal in our office with abstracts on the multitude of scientific research on CES.

For over 30 years low level lasers have been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for cellular vitality. It works by re-energizing cellular membranes allowing for greater nutrient absorption and better formation of new cells. With faster and better healing, patients have less discomfort after treatment.
Study finds Planmeca ProMax CBCT Ultra-Low Dose protocol reduces patient radiation exposure



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Phone: 210 829 7826
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