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Dentistry for the "Whole" Family
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Happy Visits

Children need a gentle introduction to the dental office. Happy visits allow each child plenty of doctor and staff time to feel comfortable with treatment. Nothing is forced on the child. Sometimes multiple Happy Visits are needed to complete a full exam. This type of initiation is critical to setting the stage for enjoying their future dental appointments.

Happy Visits are the key to preventing the use of strong sedative drugs for treatments. The cranium grows rapidly after birth. These early years are important for the brain development. The use of sedative drugs should be prevented whenever possible in a young child. It is never too early to get started. These visits and the exam are at no charge.

Danan Hodge King


Oral Hygiene is a very important key to maintaining dental health throughout one's lifetime. Everyone should receive a cleaning by a dental hygienist at least once every six months. Our hygienists are gentle yet thorough in their approach. They provide instruction on the proper way to maintain your oral health between dental visits.

Dana Hodge King

Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetic alternatives to the traditional silver-mercury fillings are available. In many parts of the world, silver mercury fillings are not used because of health concerns. Germany is one example of a country that no longer uses silver-mercury.

Mercury is a neurotoxin. The dental profession has known for many years of health risks associated with even the storage of silver-mercury amalgam that has been removed from patient's teeth.

Children are particularly susceptible to the potential ill effects of amalgam. Up to age 6, the brain development is very active. Any neurotoxins should be avoided if possible during this time.

Aesthetic composite restorations are an inexpensive alternative filling material. Glass ionomer (a glass cement) is placed in the base and bonds to the dentin. This protects the internal aspects of the tooth to decay. The second layer is a clear acrylic layer to secure the glass ionomer to the outer composite layer. The composite is an acrylic with fillers to strengthen it.

The most biocompatible, inert filling material is porcelain. Porcelain restorations allow for conservation of natural tooth structure along with strengthening the tooth. This material is also favorable because it can avoid metal and is incredibly similar to the enamel which it replaces. It even looks like enamel on an x-ray. All porcelain bridges are now available.

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