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Dana Hodge King

Reshaping Dental Arches Improves Overall Health

Most of us don't realize that the shape of our teeth and dental arches have a tremendous effect on our entire cranium (head), which in turn affects the entire body. Misaligment can create problems such as migraine headaches, ringing in the ears, chronic fatigue, and irregularities in posture and spinal aligment. Many of us wore braces as children, but as adults, we experienced crooked teeth, jaw misalignment (TMJ), and other health problems.
Now, a new procedure called Advanced Lightwire Functional (ALF) is being used to gently harness and redirect musle parafunction to resolve skeletal and other problems. ALF appliances are invisible in the mouth, unobtrusive, do not impair speech, and can be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, they can also be removed and inserted at your discretion to allow some freedom in your business and social life. Placed on the inside of your teeth, an ALF appliance is not seen, hence no one knows you are wearing a corrective appliance.

Please watch our slide show: Pedodontic Orthopedics and Orthodontic Corrections

We offer orthodontic workups which include:

The standard models, x-rays, and evaluation
JVA (Joint Vibration Analysis) - a computer-generated analysis of the TMJ which reveals the severity of the dysfunction
EMG - a computer generated analysis of the muscles
Jaw Tracker

These workups can be taken to any orthodontist for varying opinions. Our orthodontic emphasis is on intercepting problems with either the developing or the current function of the jaw and teeth.

Dr John Mew - Developmental Ortho
Our office hosted Dr Mew's visit to San Antonio
JVA or Joint Vibration Analysis is an affective instrument for
the indication of cranial balance. This is avaiable at our office.
Dr Dana Hodge King corrects an underbite without invasive surgery.  




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