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The Dana Hodge King D.D.S. practice is now an integrative association of health providers called Complementary Dental.
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Dentistry for the "Whole" Family
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Dana Hodge King

The office of Dana King DDS practices dentistry for the "whole" family. They are committed to sharing information which allow patients to understand the many oral health options available.

The office's health-oriented dental treatment philosophy stresses the use of bio-compatible dental materials and non-invasive treatment whenever possible. This approach treats the teeth, jaw, and related structures with regard to how the treatment will affect the entire body.

Dr. King's office staff attends continuing education which allows for the most up-to-date state-of-the-art dental care. They attend many hours of courses with advanced training in orthodontics, biological, cosmetic, and traditional dentistry.

Crowns & Fillings in the 21st Century
Crowns and filling

2015 brought so many wonderful additions to your dental office! Now you can have fillings and crowns done with minimal work on your tooth inside your mouth. We have the technology to produce the strongest, most conservative restorations available. One of our assistants will scan your tooth and build a restoration on the computer. A machine then mills the restoration (cuts it out) in front of you (NOT inside yo ur mouth ;) )! The fit and contours are much better than building a tooth manually in the mouth. Our lab uses the same technology to produce the E-Max crowns. As many of you know from experience, the quality of the contours E-Max crowns provide is far superior. Not only will the crown fit better, but it will also minimize the need for tooth reduction; the less tooth reduction, the less sensitivity and trauma to the tooth, which is particularly important for teeth with cracks.

These non-metal restorations are superior to zirconium and other porcelains which can wear away the tooth that grinds against the restoration. At the same time, the restoration is stronger. Studies indicate that it can produce a tooth stronger than the original tooth. The increased strength is due to the restoration having the same coefficient of thermal expansion as the tooth. Therefore, hot and cold temperatures do not reduce the bond with the tooth, which reduces stress on the tooth. These materials are stronger and produce better contours than any of the other options, including gold, porcelain to metal or zirconium porcelain.
In summary, this equipment provides you with less tooth re duction, less sensitivity, better contours, less risk to the pulp and less time with your mouth open grinding on the tooth. Even more, you get to see the whole process on the computer and evaluate the benefits yourself, including close up pictures of the final result all in one appointment.

"hot and cold temperatures do not reduce the bond with the tooth, which reduces stress on the tooth."

New 3D Imaging Capabilities
3D Imaging Capabilities

Low radiation digital x-rays have been a long time addition to our practice but now we have a unit which greatly attenuates radiation while improving the diagnostic capabilities of the image. This also has CT and 3D capabilities. Precise images of TM joints, measurement of airway and views of the canal anatomy of the inside of teeth are just a few of the benefits.




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